Cebu City Task Force on Street Children (CCTFSC)

Helping Cebu City’s street children and children in need of special protection in the Province of Cebu, Philippines.

A non-profit organization that provides educational assistance, residential care other Psychosocial intervention for the children’s growth and development.


Every child in Cebu City is provided with appropriate or adequate support, protection and care.

We are alliance of NGOs / GOs in Cebu City committed for the protection and promotion of the rights of street children in particular and children in general.
We coordinate to create awareness, provide care and support to children, street children in particular.
We lobby for child protection policies and standards to ensure full development of children.

lets donate our time to help these kids.
lets donate our time to help these kids.

Lobby for the passage of local ordinances supportive and protective of the rights and interests of street children in particular and children in general.
Sustain the operations of existing direct service projects of the CCTFSC, i.e, mobile school Strengthen networks and linkages that are implementing programs for street children in Cebu City.
Ensure periodic monitoring & evaluation on the situation of children, including its member agencies.

Raise funds to support the activities of the committees of the CCTFSC and activities of the whole network.

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Parian Group Photo
Parian Group Photo

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7 thoughts on “Cebu City Task Force on Street Children (CCTFSC)”

  1. i live in cebu, have always thought of these kids as pests.i am tired of my attitude towards them, I need to know more, like what I can do etc. I am a foreigner from Canada..thanks

  2. Is there A possible To Adopt A Children In this Society ??.. BEcause Both Of My Partner ArE Willing To Adopt A Children And Willing To Help And to Raise A Child .. I want And Need mORe iNFormation .. If YEs ?.. What Are The Possible Requirement ? We Are not Yet MArried ..

    Christie 🙂

  3. Hi! I want to know more about your history and your previous projects. Is it possible for you to share it? I will be using it as a research material for our Thesis. Thanks!

  4. Good day!

    We at Kidzooona SM Seaside Cebu would like to invite your organization to have a tour in our store as we provide premier educational and physical activities for kids. We can give discounts to your organization that caters to the less fortunate kids and we feel that the kids can have a great memorable time with us. We hope to hear from you soon.

    kind regards,
    Zackary Juanillo/Manager email: cellphone:09778349437

  5. Hi there, I am celebrating my 50th birthday on 30 March 2018 and will be treating some children maybe 100 of them with Jolibee lunch packs during the black Saturday or Easter Sunday. Can you please provide me guidance on how to proceed.

  6. Hello! I would like to celebrate a special day of my life with the children’s by spending time with them sharing my thoughts , enjoying food and playing games along with my other friends. Can you please assist me !

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