Functions and members of committees

Cebu City Task Force on Street Children employees
1.Supervise the operations of the Mobile School Program.
2.To organize, facilitate and provide capability trainings for persons with direct contact with children such as enforcement personnel, jail personnel and teachers.
3.To monitor the situation of children in jail and, if warranted, bring their cases to the attention of judges, prosecutors and public defenders.
4.To ensure that appropriate rehabilitative interventions are provided for children in conflict with law.
5.To act as liaison between law enforcement and concerned persons in the community in the matter of reporting of child abuse.

Committee Members
Head Agency : Philippine Teen Challenge
Members : Cebu Hope Center
Community Scouts Youth Guidance Center
Christ for Asia, Inc.
Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Hearts Children’s Home
Little Servants of Christ The King Orphanage
Missionaries of the Poor Little Lamp Center
My Bonita Home for Girls, Inc.
Share A Child Movement, Inc.
Sunshine Corner Ministry of Encouragement, Inc.

1. Conduct rescue operations (Operation Gugma).
2. Supervision and Monitoring of Social Workers and Case Management of Minors in Cebu City Operation Second Chance.
3. To organize, facilitate and provide capability building to service providers, care givers, children and their families.
4. To provide appropriate interventions such as referrals, case conferences, case management, etc. to children in special cases.
5. To network/coordinate with other committees of the CCTFSC and other agencies for effective implementation of programs and services concerning children.
6. Update and maintain profile of street children.

Committee Members
Head Agency : Department of Social Welfare and Services
Members : ACG Foundation, Inc.
Children’s Help and Assistance Foundation, Inc.
Little Bamboo Foundation, Inc.
Lihok Pilipina Foundation, Inc.
SOS Children’s Village
St. Martin de Porres
St. Mary Euphrasia Training Center
TSF Children’s Center
World Vision

1. To initiate exchanges and facilitate coordination among institutions in the community concerned with Child Protection as well as to look into and help address gaps in programs and services related to child victims and juvenile delinquents.
2. Advocacy to influence decision-making not only for legislators but also for government officials, local executives, judiciary, socio-civic/religious groups and others;
3. Advocacy to generate additional resources and support;
4. Advocacy to involve and allow people to participate in the development of a community;
5. Advocacy to ensure more pro-people policies and programs;
6. Advocacy to empower people; and
7. Advocacy to provide the venue for individuals to express his/her views and opinions on important issues.

Committee Members
Head Agency : Kadasig Parent’s Association, Inc.
Members : Antonia de Oviedo Center
Asilo dela Milagrosa
The Children of Cebu Foundation, Inc.
Don Bosco Boys Home
Nazareth Kasanag Association, Inc.
Salvatorian Pastoral Care for Children – Cebu

1.To conduct monitoring and evaluation to activities implemented.
2.Document best practices.

Committee Members
Head Agency : Department of Social Welfare and Services
Members : SOS Children’s Village
Sonshine Corner Ministry of Encouragement, Inc.
The Children of Cebu Foundation, Inc.

1.Develop project proposal and raise funds to support CCTFSC activities.
2.Takes charge of all the financial matters of the Cebu City Task Force on Street Children (CCTFSC). It has also the final say in the approval/disapproval of projects proposed. Consequently, it defines, establishes and decides on policy guidelines for disbursements and supervision of funds.

Committee Members
Members : All members of the Board of Trustees headed by
the Chairperson.

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