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How You Can Help Our Street Children in Cebu

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Across the Philippines, thousands of children live on the streets.  Many resort to solvent abuse to escape the harsh reality of life on the streets whilst others become the victims of exploitation or violence.  Please help us make a difference to the lives of these vulnerable children.

Make a Donation

Make a donation to Paypal at the right of this page and your donation to CCTFSC will go a long way in helping street children and children in need of special protection make their lives better.

Your help will provide the CCTFSC the support they need in fulfilling a child’s dream and aspiration.

You can help make a difference in these children’s lives forever!
help us fight for street children’s human rights rights by getting involved in our community or make a donation to our work.

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We operate a drop-in and processing center here in Cebu City, named “Parian Drop-in Center”.
We don’t only cater for street children but also children who are victims of different forms of abuse – physical, sexual, neglect, trafficking, child labor, orphaned and other children in need of special protection.  The center has become the catch basin of all the children in Cebu City since the city government is not operating a drop-in center.
We provide basic services to the children like food, shelter and clothing.
While sheltered in the center, we also provide various psychosocial interventions to them like – psychological testing, therapy, counseling, values formation, medical needs, formal and non-formal education, socio-cultural activities and others.
If you intend to support us, your donation will be utilized in providing the needs and services to the children which is mentioned above.  However, not all services that we provide to the children needs funds.  As to the commitment, it is up to you on how many children you want to support and the specific period of time.
Below is the expenses of each child while staying in the center: 
P30.00 x 3 meals
P    2,700.00
P    8,100.00
P    32,400.00
P500.00 (quarterly)
Psychological Testing
P1,000.00 (one time)
Educational Needs
P2,000.00 (one time)
Medical Needs
P500.00 (quarterly)
Socio-cultural activity
(outing, educational & field trip)
P500.00 (quarterly)
P    2,700.00
P   9,600.00
P  41,400.00
Hope you find this in order and be able provide answers from your queries.
Thank you very much!
Yours truly,

Program Coordinator
Cebu City Task Force on Street Children
2/F Parian Drop-in Center for Street Children
Sikatuna Street, Cebu City, Philippines 6000


Whatever you can think of to help us save and protect the lives of children. So many fundraisers raise money and donations of goods and services for Saving the Children.
From selling products to helping by volunteering your time as a big brother or sister to these kids you will be making a world of difference in their lives.

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